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Patisserie Coin de rue (PG)

Saturday, 26 January 2013
(Registration starts at 1:30pm)

Japan Creative Centre invites you to join us at our JCC film screening. As part of JCC's creative program, we will be screening exciting Japanese movies at the end of every month.

This will be our first JCC film screening for the year 2013. It will also be our 17th session and we will be screening "Patisserie Coin de rue", a Japanese movie starred by famous actor Yosuke Eguchi and famous actress Yu Aoi. Following the movie screening, there will be a special sharing session by Chef Tomoko of Pâtisserie Glacé based in Singapore.

The movie focuses on Tomura, a once famous legendary Patisserie, who inexplicably left the field 8 years ago, and his encounter with Natsume, who works at the Pastry shop 'Pastisserie Coin de rue' which Tomura frequents.

How will this encounter bring about changes in both of their lives? Register now to find out!


Synopsis of Film

Director: Yoshihiro Fukagawa
Cast: Yosuke Eguchi, Yu Aoi, Keiko Toda, Nathan Berg and Noriko Eguchi

2011 / 115min / Color / English Subtitle

Tomura (Yosuke Eguchi) was once widely lauded as a legendary patissier, but some 8 years ago he inexplicably left the field. Since that time, Tomura has lectured at culinary schools and wrote a guidebook for pastry critics. Natsume (Yu Aoi) is a young woman who travels from Kagoshima to Tokyo to find her boyfriend. Natsume fins a job at "Patisserie Coin de rue" - a pastry shop run by husband & wife tandem Yuriko (Keiko Toda) and Julian (Nathan Berg). At "Patisserie Coin de rue" Natsume works with talented patissier Mariko (Noriko Eguchi) & her fascinating creations. Meanwhile, Tomura is now a regular at "Patisserie Coin de rue" & his encounters with Natsume brings about changes in both of their lives …

About the Guest Speaker

Pâtisserie Glacé was started in 2008 with the aim of bringing the best of Japan's cakes, pies and cookies and tarts to Singapore. It is helmed by Chef Higashiguchi Tomoko.

Tomoko’s passion for baking was ignited when she attended private lessons at home on baking and cooking for a year, at the age of 16. When she started her busy career as a teacher, she attended Sawada Culinary School in Nara after work where she learnt both hot and cold cooking for 3 years, including cakes, desserts and breads to further her pursuit.

As a mother of 3 children the quality, safety and taste of the ingredients are topmost on her mind. These are expressed in each and every one of Glacé’s pastries.

Tomoko and her partner opened Pâtisserie Glacé with the objective of making healthy, tasty and moderately-priced Japanese pastries accessible to the majority of Singaporeans. To this end Glacé has started conducting baking classes since 2010 so professionals and amateurs alike can also "Bake Like Glacé".

For registration, please kindly register here early for a seat to avoid disappointment! Registration closes once we have a full house! ALL EVENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

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