JCC Director's Diary  

Grand Opening of Japan Creative Centre on November 14, 2009

It was cloudy early in the morning and we were very afraid of heavy rain to come which could have ruined the ceremony. However, thanks god, it did not rain at all during the ceremony. Many of invited guests came to celebrate the opening despite the fact that it took place on early Saturday morning.

JCC tent

It was our great honor that both PM Lee and PM Hatoyama attended the ceremony, making time for us on their extremely busy schedule. They made opening remarks and cut the red ribbon to officially open JCC. Ms Dawn Yeoh, Goodwill Ambassador of JCC, kindly assisted PMs.

PMs tapecut

Then PMs viewed the exhibition. They looked very interested in the beautiful designs and the latest technologies. 

exhibition exhibition2
Cyberdyne's robot suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) was a main topic of the exhibition. It helps elderly and physically handicapped people move their legs and arms by detecting electric pulse from their brain. After most of invited guests finished viewing the exhibition and left the Centre, we took some memorial pictures like the ones below.

cyberdine cyberdine2