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JET Meet & Greet + Orientation

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A virtual ‘Meet & Greet + Orientation’ event for new JET participants who will leave Singapore soon was held on 23 August by Japan Creative Centre (JCC), J.CLAIR Singapore and JET Alumni Association in Singapore (JETAA). Ms Mai Hanawa, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, briefed them on the general information about the programme, as well as details of their stay in Japan. After which, JETAA members, Ms Sarah Daud, Ms Carmen Choi and Mr Tan Jun Jie, shared their experiences of living and working in Japan under the programme.

The JET Programme is one of the largest exchange programmes in the world that aims to promote grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations.

Find out more about the JET Programme here: http://jetprogramme.org/en/

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