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J Drone Madness @ Japan Creative Centre

Dr Sueda talking about his project “Crowmunication”
From 20 to 21 September 2019, JCC hosted J Drone Madness, the first drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) centric event with senior research fellow Dr Sueda Koh of NUS, Mr Hirakawa Akira, CEO of Red Dot Drones and Mr Tsukamoto Yuu, COO of Couger.

Friday 20 September was the talk event where Dr Sueda shared his fascinating project “Crowmunication” and introduced drones that mimic the calls and appearance of Crows help to divert crows away from places in Japan where it is a nuisance, followed by Mr Hirakawa of Red Dot Drones, whose company is focusing on aerial drone filming and drone racing, and lastly Mr Tsukamoto of Couger, whose company is developing a virtual character AI platform called Connectome. Guests were also led on a tour of the race course.

The next day on 21 September was the Augmented First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing Demo. Flying through the race course featuring iconic sights from Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, the competing pilots created an exciting atmosphere during the race as they manoeuvred their drones dextrously through the obstacles in the racecourse. During the race, audiences were also given live commentary of the race by Couger’s AI platform, Connectome.

A token of appreciation was also presented to the 8 participating pilots who took part in the race by First Secretary Mr Gaku Mizota.

Drone pilots flying in first person view and the movement of their drones were all captured live

Mr Hirakawa sharing about drone racing and aerial drone filming of sports events

Mr Tsukamoto talking about “Connectome”, an AI assistant

Dr Sueda giving a tour of the racecourse

Mr Mizota congratulating the winner of the drone race

Token of appreciation for all the pilots with Mr Mizota and Dr Sueda

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