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As the seasons segue from spring to early summer this month, Japan will begin to warm up. However, before summer begins in earnest, there will be a brief season of rain known as tsuyu (梅雨). I’ve noticed that Singapore too experiences a monsoon season around this time of year. Despite the wet weather in both Japan and Singapore, it is my hope that JCC will be a source of cheerful sunshine this coming month!

This month, we will be working with Ishikawa Prefecture to present the next part of our Zoom In! Todofuken series. Besides posters about the prefecture’s charms, we will also be organising online workshops so that our Friends of JCC will be able to experience its famous gold leaf crafts hands-on. More information about this exciting programme and more will be on our Facebook page, so do follow us there and on our Instagram page to stay up to date with us! Do also follow the Embassy of Japan in Singapore on Facebook for more interesting articles about Japan and Japanese culture.

This May will also mark my first full year in Singapore. I am ever grateful for the warm welcome that I have received here, and the support our Friends of JCC have given us as we slowly open up. I hope to be able to organise more events at JCC that will allow for more meaningful exchange of perspectives and knowledge between Japanese and Singaporean visitors. I look forward to your support in the coming year!

Toru Furugori
Director, Japan Creative Centre (JCC)
Embassy of Japan in Singapore

5th May 2021

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