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I hope that our readers had the chance to drop by JCC last month for our Summerland Wonderland Japan 2017 ~ Railway and Airway ~ exhibition. I heard that many people came for the Japan Travel Seminar by JTB and H.I.S., so much so that a second session was opened impromptu during Vesak Day! This is certainly something unprecedented, and we are thankful for the generous support.

It was extremely fitting that following this, our latest JCC Cinema featured a tie-up with ANA and we had the fortune of inviting Ms Ryoko Yamamichi, an ANA flight attendant from the Singapore Office, to share her personal insights and experiences. Having heard how the audience found the interactive session refreshing and insightful, I hope to keep up such sharing sessions during our JCC Cinema whenever possible.

Speaking of sharing, I had the pleasure of meeting the two Japanese Judo masters, Mr Chikara Kariya and Mr Shusaku Kiryu from Kodokan, as they specially held a workshop at Tanglin Community Club for many enthusiastic judo practitioners. There was a great response, and participants were able to learn not only new physical techniques, but also basic Judo etiquette and manners, and moral codes of conduct from the masters. Such instances make me realise how wonderful it is to see Singaporeans and Japanese bond together through a common passion, which in this case is Judo.

Our recent Future Bodies of Asia Exhibition just ended last week, on 3rd June. It was a display of unique and out-of-the-box works, including the joint performance between Singapore and Japanese artists during the opening ceremony. I’m sure that visitors were challenged on how to interpret their works, and I hope this further sparks inspiration on potential collaborations between Singapore and Japan.

See you soon,

Naohiro Tsutsumi
Acting Director, Japan Creative Centre (JCC)
Embassy of Japan in Singapore

5th June 2017

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