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JCC Cinema 46: The Chef of South Polar

© 2009 "The Chef of South Polar" Film Partners Our monthly JCC Cinema was held on Saturday, 28th May 2016, with the movie screening of “The Chef of South Polar”. This comedic yet heart-warming film is based on the autobiographical essays by Chef Jun Nishimura, and revolves around the lives of 8 men at Dome Fuji Station in the harsh conditions of Antarctica.

Each unique member is full of quirky traits, but the extravagant meals whipped up by the team’s passionate chef keeps them bonded to each other. Despite residing deep in the frozen South Pole, one could witness the warm intercommunications between them.

The screening saw an attendance of over 60 guests, and many were stirred by both the humourous and the touching interactions depicted in the film. The following are feedback which we received after the movie screening:

What are your impressions of the movie 'The Chef of South Polar' and which particular aspect of the movie did you like most?
  • “The adaptability of the 8 men & marvels at the way the chef can come up with so many different dishes.”

  • “It's very touching and also shows how difficult life could be.”

Audiences before the screening

Audiences during the screening
  • “Comedy, resilience, persistent nature in Japanese culture.”

  • “How food influences life.”

  • “It was good, the camaraderie and light-heartedness stood out.”

  • “Gives thoughtful insight into life on Dome Station and its personalities of workers.”

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