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Artist Talk on Journeying Japan: From Apex to Land's End
by Adeleine Daysor and Susie Wong

During the artist talk .
On Saturday, 18th June 2016 an Artist Talk session was held in JCC, as part of the ‘Goraiko ご来光’ Exhibition by Ms Adeleine Daysor and Ms Susie Wong. Guests who have known about the works of the two artists had the opportunity to dive in deeper into their artistic realm. Adeleine and Susie started their talk with a brief introduction of themselves and why they chose Japan as their muse.

Susie started the session by explaining her love for Japan. Japan with her nature untouched is an ideal escapade, providing a source of great inspiration. By meeting Adeleine in Yamanashi Prefecture, both journeyed up the majestic Mount Fuji to embrace the beauty in nature. Mesmerised by the sunrise from the top of the mountain, Susie has produced numerous sketches and paintings to commemorate her experiences.
During the artist talk .

Ms Adeleine Daysor and Ms Susie Wong at the artist talk .
Feeling the need to be inspired, Adeleine decided to journey Japan in hopes to light her passion. While in residency at AIRY and Shiro Oni Studio, she gained insights about the myths of Kofu City. Relaying the myth she heard when in residency, about ogres attacking the city and rocks were thrown to save the city; Adeleine spurred a thought to commemorate the ‘heroes’ of the city – rocks. When she found her muse in a form of a sacred rock she calls Yama-chan, her ideas poured out, which inspired her artistry from different natural light angles.

The talk was followed by a question and answer session where the audience was able to interact with the artists on a personal level.

Ms Izumi Sakamoto from AIRY, Yamanashi, Japan, speaking during the artist talk .

Guests raising questions during the artist talk .

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