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Communication Impact & Strength of Manga Design - A Talk by Toshihiko Kira, Manga Designers' Lab CEO

During Mr Kira’s talk.
The CEO of Manga Designers Lab (Manga de Japan) Mr Toshihiko Kira gave a talk at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on 4 December 2018. He had previously given a talk at JCC about the importance of having a flexible imagination. This time, he went into more detail about the impact and the strengths of Manga Design, and also highlighted the significant role Manga Designers Lab has played in innovating the field and producing various advertisements and tourism-related materials with Manga Design.

As JCC has worked closely with Manga Designers Lab on a variety of occasions, Mr Kira invited Director of JCC Ms Akiko Sugita onstage as well for a short dialogue session. They discussed the concept of JCC10, which celebrates JCC’s 10th Anniversary 2019, and for which Manga Designers Lab will be involved in multiple ways. They also discussed the importance of encouraging creativity and the spirit of innovation in youth, not only in Japan but also in Singapore.
During the dialogue between Mr Kira and Director of JCC Ms Akiko Sugita.

Ampleur products on display.
Following the dialogue, the CEO of skincare brand Ampleur, which sponsored the talk event, introduced their products to the guests. Representatives from Ampleur also gave out samples of their popular products, such as their BB cream and sunscreen.

The talk portion of the night wrapped up with a toast, and guests raised their glasses to Manga Designers Lab and to the continued opportunities for collaboration between Manga Designers Lab and JCC. Guests were then able to receive postcards with a hand-drawn manga design portrait of themselves as gifts. They were also encouraged to submit their photographs online to receive a digital manga portrait with exclusive backgrounds.
A guest having a postcard with her manga portrait drawn.

During the dialogue between Mr Kira and Director of JCC Ms Akiko Sugita.

Mr Kira and Ms Yuko Miura from Ampleur.

Mr Kira and Mr Akasaki from Manga Designers Lab explaining to the guests how to get their digital portraits drawn.

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