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Omotesenke Tea Demonstration and Kimono Talk

Ms Otsuka introducing the instruments used during tea ceremony.
On 1 February 2018, JCC organised two interactive talk and demonstration sessions on the Omotesenke Way of Tea and kimono. These sessions featured speaker Ms Sanae Otsuka, who is well-versed in Omotesenke style tea ceremony, kimono, Japanese dance, the Japanese zither, as well as floral arrangement. Ms Otsuka has taught Omotesenke style tea ceremony and floral arrangement in Shanghai, China since 2008, and it is her first time demonstrating in Singapore.

In both sessions, Ms Otsuka introduced participants to the various instruments that are key to Japanese tea ceremonies. As a practitioner of the Omotesenke style, she explained that one point that differentiates Omotesenke from other schools is the type of chasen, or bamboo whisk, that they use. She also explained they had selected the utensils because of the seasonal meanings attached to the art painted on tea caddies, and on tea bowls. Each participant also had the opportunity to put into practice the lessons on tea ceremony etiquette when Ms Otsuka’s disciples served everyone traditional Japanese sweets and tea from Japan. Ms Otsuka then demonstrated and served tea to those who are seated in the first row in the first session, including Ms Noriko Gunji, President and CEO of Canon Singapore, Professor Tomoko Ueda from Hoseikai Omotesenke Singapore, and Ms Akiko Sugita, Director of JCC.
Ms Otsuka introducing traditional Japanese sweets during the second session.

Ms Otsuka introducing kimono.
Ms Otsuka also gave an exclusive talk on kimono during the first session. Ms Otsuka and her disciples demonstrated how to put on a yukata, and various methods of tying an obi with the help of a volunteer. She then explained the different types of kimono and their levels of formality, their relation to the seasons, and appropriate accessories.

Ms Otsuka introducing the instruments used during tea ceremony.

Ms Otsuka demonstrating Omotesenke way of tea. Seated in the front row are from right to left, Ms Noriko Gunji of Canon Singapore, Professor Tomoko Ueda of Hoseikai Omotesenke Singapore, and Ms Akiko Sugita, JCC.

Guests admiring traditional Japanese sweets.

Guests being served sweets.

During the introduction to yukata.

Ms Otsuka’s demonstration during the second session.

Group photo with Ms Otsuka and her disciples, and with Ms Akiko Sugita, Ms Mieko Mochida, Office Manager of JCC, Ms Keiko Soeda, Events Team Manager of JCC, and Ms Esme Tan, JCC Events Team staff.

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