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Opening Ceremony of "Art Education in Japan and Singapore"


This month, JCC is hosting the exhibition "Art Education in Japan and Singapore", which explores the similarities, differences, strengths and uniqueness of art education in Japan and Singapore. It is a perfect way for us to end the year 2021, which marks the 55th year of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan (SJ55).

Thank you for joining us for this year's line-up of events, and please stay tuned to our updates as we continue to present different sides of Japan and Japanese culture in the new year too.

Director's Message


2021 is finally coming to a close! Though it has been a year with many uncertainties, JCC persevered and organised a plethora of events that gave many the opportunity to learn more about Japan and Japanese culture, whether in-person or from home.

This year at JCC, we have begun easing back into holding exhibitions - with a twist! Many of these exhibitions have had online components, allowing guests to participate in talks, demonstrations, and workshops from the comfort of their own homes. As the number of guests we can accommodate at JCC is limited, going...(Click here to read more)

JCC Events

Opening of "Art Education in Japan and Singapore"

"Art Education in Japan and Singapore" was officially opened this afternoon at Japan Creative Centre in presence of Director of JCC, Mr Toru Furugori, Principal Yuko Tsutsumi of Japanese School Singapore (Changi Campus) and Ms Clara Lim-Tan, Director of Art Education, Ministry of Education. This exhibition showcases nearly 800 artworks of students across 6 local primary schools as well as 2 Japanese schools and aims to showcase...(Click here to read more)

Cultural Articles

Cutting Edge Culinary Tools: Sakai Knives

The food stalls that wind through the classical streets of the Shinsekai district, the modern skyscrapers of Umeda, the thrilling rides of Universal Studios Japan, and the historical beauty of Osaka Castle: Osaka City certainly has a lot of reasons to be known as the centre of Osaka Prefecture. But did you know that there is another city in the prefecture that is as historical as it is vibrant? Just south of Osaka City, Sakai City is a city with a plethora of...(Click here to read more)


Traversing Japan's Snow Country

Although the metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka may not see much snowfall during winter, those looking for a snowy escape in Japan will find no shortage of places to visit. The northern half of Japan’s main island, wedged between the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Alps, is known colloquially as ‘snow country’ (yukiguni/雪国), or more officially as ‘Heavy Snowfall Zones’ (gosetsu chitai/豪雪地帯). This region, which spreads from Shimane in the south...(Click here to read more)

Featured Article of the Month

Crossing the Borders of Singapore and Japan - Interview With Lineng Tee (President of JETAA Singapore)

In this edition of Kizuna Story, JCC speaks to Lineng Tee, the President of JETAA (The Japan Teaching and Exchange Programme Alumni Association) Singapore. Learn more about what JETAA Singapore do, and her experience from the JET Programme.

How did you get to know about JET... (Click here to read more)

Japanese Cultural Fact for December

© Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Hagoita Market

One traditional New Year pastime in Japan is hanetsuki, a badminton-like game played by girls with wooden paddles and a shuttlecock. In olden times, the person who missed had a mark drawn on her face with black ink, and they played until one player's face was completely smeared in ink.

Hagoita is the wooden paddle used in this game, and it's usually decorated with beautiful drawings. Even though kids don't play this game much any more, the paddle itself is valued as an ornament that is believed to bring good luck...(Click here to read more)

Upcoming Events at JCC

01.12.2021 - 18.12.2021 Art Education in Japan and Singapore

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26.11.2021 - 05.01.2022 INTO THE WOODS: Crafted from Yoshino Nature @ Lumine Singapore


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