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Japan’s People, Process & Technology

By Mr Yosua Ng, from SMRT Corporation Ltd

Through the Singapore 2nd Batch (Social) Exchange in Railway Industry, JENESYS 2017 provided me with an eye-opening experience. The eight-day programme offered me new insight into the Railway industry and technologies in Japan. But more than that, I’ve witnessed first-hand the admirable culture and discipline of the people. There was never a boring day. I looked forward to each day and was so excited to learn new things. There are so much to learn and apply. Thankfully, the excitement didn’t end on the 8th day. In fact, I am right now equally excited to apply what I have learnt back in Singapore. I categorised my learning into three aspects. People. Process. Technology.

I will start with People. Japanese are an amazing group of people. Three things about them that impressed me most. They are Pride, Passion and Professionalism. Putting their heart and soul in all that they do (even if they do it every day for the next 30 years). That is deep passion. I witnessed it in an elderly volunteer, who toured us around at the Railway Museum. Giving their best in all that they do, all the time. No shortcuts, no compromise. Just the best, at all times. That is professionalism. And lastly, bearing an exemplary attitude in work, regardless what scope of work you serve in. That is taking pride in their work.

Next, Process. Not surprisingly, the Japanese are the originator of the “Kaizen” philosophy. With an eye for continuous improvement, the Japanese people take great effort to review each process and function to achieve great productivity and quality. Visiting the JR-East Shinkansen General Rolling Stock Center was probably the most memorable and eye-opening experience of the trip. The entire flow of maintenance work is visibly well thought out. Upkeep of the premise is top notch. Each workstation is clean and tidy which enhances productivity and quality of work.

Lastly, the Japanese People are constantly seeking to be at the forefront of technology. Shinkansen is a great testimony to this ideology. While they may not be the first to manufacture trains (few hundred years ago), they are probably the first to commercialise high-speed rail for the public commute. Apart from the Railway industry, the Japanese people also invest greatly in automation and cutting-edge technology. One highlight of the trip was the chance to ride on their very own UNI.CUB by Honda. I am looking forward to having it available in Singapore!

Certainly, the JENESYS programme granted me a new perspective on these three aspects. People. Process. Technology. I am not sure to credit these to their culture or active education. But certainly, much of what I’ve learnt can be applied back to where I am. And I certainly will.

About the Author

Mr Yosua Ng joined the JENESYS 2017 programme from 9 – 17 October 2017. He is currently working at SMRT Trains, as a Manager, Stations Operations.

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