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The Circle of Life 輪廻: Workshop on Silkscreen Printing & Making Your HUT Workshop

Mr Justin Lee helping a participant mask his design.
A series of workshops were held in JCC (Japan Creative Centre)’s E-library on 25 November 2017. In the morning, artist Mr Justin Lee held a silkscreen printing workshop. He taught the participants how to transfer their sketches onto the silkscreens he provided, and explained the importance of masking to make sure ink does not go through where it is not supposed to on the design. He then helped the participants print their design onto sheets of paper and tote bags for them to bring home. The silkscreen designs that the participants have created can be brought home to be reused on paper and fabric.

Later in the afternoon, Japanese artist Mr Takanao Todo led a paper sculpting workshop. Mr Takanao Todo spoke with each participant and had them visualise and share about a place they liked spending time in. He then provided the participants with many types of materials to construct and bring this place they have visualised to life.

Mr Takanao Todo and Mr Justin Lee are currently exhibiting ceramics and silkscreen fabric artworks as part of the exhibition “The Circles of Life 輪廻”. The exhibition will run at JCC till 9 December 2017.

Mr Takanao Todo speaking with the participants.

Mr Justin Lee explaining to the participants how to put their designs on the silkscreen.

A participant tracing her design on the silkscreen.

A participant masking her design.

During the silkscreen printing process.

Group photo with the participants.

A participant drawing her favourite place.

During the workshop.

Group photo with Mr Takanao Todo and the workshop participants.

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