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Envisioning Future World with teamLab:
A talk by Mr Takuya Takei of teamLab

Mr Takei sharing teamLab’s creative process.
JCC had the honour of hosting Mr Takuya Takei of teamLab on 15 March 2019 to share with the attendees their vision, ideation and creative process. Best known in Singapore for their large scale interactive installations such as “Story of the Forest” at National Museum of Singapore and “Future World: Where Art Meets Science” at the Art Science Museum.

The audience were introduced to their works all around the world and offered a peek into their actual production process, from 3D modelling to sound production, and the session ended with Q&A session with Mr Takei and the audience.
Mr Takei taking questions.

Mr Takei of teamLab introducing their works from all around the world to the audience.

The audience.

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