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The children crafting their figurines.
On 10th March 2018, two workshops were held at JCC as part of the ongoing exhibition, POLKAROS HINAMATSURI. In the morning, a workshop for children from Tasek Jurong Limited was held, and the artist Ms Ros Lee taught them how to make little magnets figurines based on the dolls that are put on display during Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl’s Day, in Japan. The children moulded Imperial Prince and Imperial Princess out of Japanese white stone clay, and painted on beautiful faces and clothes for them. Ms Lee also prepared magnetic strips for the children to stick onto their finished creations. The children enjoyed the workshop immensely, each creating their very own adorable pairs of doll magnets.

Later in the afternoon, Ms Ros Lee held a commercial workshop for adults. In this workshop, participants were taught to make Imperial Prince and Imperial Princess figurines. Japanese white stone clay was also used to make the little figures in this workshop, and each participant created very interesting and unique princes and princesses.

These workshops were held in conjunction with the exhibition, POLKAROS HINAMATSURI.

Ms Ros Lee leading the afternoon workshop session for adults.

Artist Ms Ros Lee teaching the children how to make the figurines.

A figurine made by one of the participating children.

Figurines made by the children.

Group photo of the children and staff of Tasek Jurong Limited, Ms Ros Lee, Director of JCC Ms Akiko Sugita, and JCC Events Team Manager Mdm Keiko Soeda.

Ms Ros Lee interacting with the participants.

Ms Ros Lee demonstrating to the participants how to ‘stitch’ their clay figurines.

A participant painting her figurine.

A participant painting her figurine.

Ms Ros Lee viewing the completed pieces created by the participants.

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