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JCC Cinema 36: My Father is the Grandmaster with Sharing Session & Tea Serving

Group Shot with Grandmaster, NUS Enshu Sado School with JCC Staffs

JCC Cinema 36 screening of My Father is the Grand Master with Sharing Session & Tea Serving was held at JCC on 22 August 2015, as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Enshu Sado School at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Mr Naohiro Tsutsumi, Deputy Chief of Mission and Madam Tsutsumi attended the screening as well.

The documentary, which received a whelming number of audiences, featured the life and works of the 13th Grand Master of Enshu Sado School Fuden-An So-Jitsu Kobori over the span of 3 years, as well as the history and development of Enshu Art of Tea. The Grand Master was also present at the event and had a sharing session after the documentary. The audiences raised questions such as the differences in making tea on different seasons of the year, the costumes and attires required when hosting and receiving the tea, and some of the protocols and ethics behind the ceremony.

Following which, an explanation and demonstration of the tea ceremony was conducted by NUS Sado Club, and the first and second tea bowls was served to Mr and Mrs Tsutsumi. The audiences also had the opportunity to be served with the tea, as well as to taste the Japanese sweets specially prepared by the Enshu Sado School. The Grand Master continued to interact with some of the audiences after the end of the tea ceremony, and answered many of the questions and queries.

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During the screening of the documentary

During the screening of the documentary

Group Shot with Grandmaster & NUS Enshu Sado School students

During sharing session

DCM Tsutsumi during sharing session

Grandmaster during sharing session

Preparing for Tea Serving

Sweet Tea Cake being served to the guest

Preparing for Tea Serving

Explaining the procedure during the Tea Serving

Explaining the procedure during the Tea Serving

Tea Serving to the guests

Guests enjoying the tea

Grandmaster interacting with the guests



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