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Director's Greeting Message

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We hosted many wonderful events in the past month of August. Not only have we held events at our own JCC, but also at other new venues such as the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - one of Singapore's historical landmark. The Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) was held at the old railway station (as you can read from the articles below), it was our great privilege and pleasure to be involved with SIFA to help them kick-start and utilize the National Heritage site for artistic performances.

Moreover, one particular place we explored last month was the Singapore American School (SAS) in Woodlands.  We heard that their High School offers a Japanese Language program and a few students from the course were selected and inducted by the Japanese National Honor Society in the United States. The first for an American School outside of the US territory to be selected, our Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi was delighted to grace the induction ceremony.

The SIFA and SAS events has brought together artists and students from varieties of nationalities. It is certainly magnificent to see how the arts and language education are able to connect and feature the committed, in this way. I am convinced once again that Singapore is situated as such an important hub to offer these occasions.

See you soon!

5th September, 2015
Misako Ito
Director of the Japan Creative Centre
Embassy of Japan


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