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1.1 JCC Cinema 27:
Always Sunset on Third Street-3

The 27th JCC Cinema session was held on the 26th of July. The movie screened was “Always Sunset on Third Street-3”, the third instalment in the popular “Always” series. The film featured an ensemble of talented actors such as Koyuki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Shinichi Tsutsumi and Maki Horikita.

‘Always Sunset on Third Street-3’ is a continuation from the first two films in the series and it is set against the backdrop of Tokyo in the year 1964, when the Summer Olympics were due to take place. The residents of Third Street continue on with their lives in their usual optimistic fashion.

Writer Ryunosuke (Hidetaka Yoshioka) is now married to Hiromi (Koyuki), who is now pregnant. Junnosuke (Kenta Suga) still lives with them and is now a student in High School. Norifumi Suzuki’s (Shinichi Tsutsumi) auto mechanic business has grown substantially with help of his wife, son and employee Mutsuko.

This film showcases a good family story with characters that everyone can relate too. For those who have not seen the first two instalments, this film can still be enjoyed on its own. Although it would be worthwhile watching the first two films as they are just as enjoyable.

Following the film screening, Ms Biwa Matsuda from the ‘Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), Singapore, gave a presentation and a talk about the context of the film and the time period in which it was set in.

As the film was set against the 1964 Tokyo summer Olympics, Ms Matsuda shared with audience members about the preparations for the Olympics. Audience members also asked Ms Matsuda about the ongoing preparations for Tokyo’s Olympics in the year 2020. Ms Matsuda highlighted that much has changed in the planning and preparation for the upcoming Olympics. Preparation is currently being done about the clearing of the roads and sprucing up infrastructure for the Olympics.

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