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I recently met Mr. Akihiko Narita, the head coach of the Singapore National Volleyball Team for the SEA Games. A veteran to the SEA Games (an equivalent to the Olympic Games in South East Asia), Mr. Narita had also served as a coach during the 1983 SEA Games hosted by Singapore.

Mr. Narita is a man of compassion; what amazes me most while conversing with him was his integrity in training the players with a “full heart” wherever or whichever country he serves. He has trained many excellent Japanese sport leaders who now coaches upcoming young athletes.

Passing his skills forward to devoted sportsmen, the circle of goodwill will only expand and spread around the world.

This coming Wednesday evening on 10th June, the Singapore National Team led by Mr. Narita and Cambodian National Team led by Mr. Watanabe (who was once trained by Mr. Narita) will have their first Volleyball match.

As the games begin, I very much look forward to seeing and cheering for both teams with my full heart.

See you soon!

5th June, 2015
Misako Ito
Director of the Japan Creative Centre
Embassy of Japan


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