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1.6 Japanese Film Festival 2014

The Japan Creative Centre, co-organized with the Singapore Film Society, the Japan Foundation and the National Museum of Singapore to bring forth this year’s Japan Film Festival. To officially commence the Japan Film Festival 2014, an opening ceremony was held on the 26th of June for specially invited guests. With a total of twenty three screenings, this year’s film festival shone a spotlight on classic films by acclaimed Japanese director Kon Ichikawa.

Amongst his classic films screened, ‘Harp of Burma’ and the film adaptation of Natsume Soseki’s ‘Kokoro’ were also screened during the festival.  In addition, this year’s film festival also featured films from the contemporary component by directors such as Satoru Hirohara, Tetsuichio Tsuta and Yasuhiro Yoshida.

After the opening reception, invited guests as well as members of the public sat down to enjoy the screening of Director Kon Ichikawa’s film ’ Nihonbashi’. The film received a full house seating and was reviewed positively with many audience members leaving the theatre incredibly satisfied and complementing the skills of Kon Ichikawa. ‘Nihonbashi’ started off the film festival on a high note and other screened films were also met with positive reviews. Some films even had a second screening due to the great demand for tickets.


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