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"Captured Moments In Japan"
By Ms Gail Pantin

The 27th of November welcomed ‘Captured! Moments in Japan’ exhibition by Gail Pantin. As its title befits, Ms Pantin’s exhibition featured all her captured moments in the land of the rising sun. Trinidad and Tobago born, Ms Pantin has travelled extensively around the world and has lived in places like Canada before settling in Singapore about 15 years ago.

“Captured ! Moments in Japan” by Gail Pantin is a display of sketches and paintings with all the sketches created using a Japanese brush pen. Ms Gail Pantin’s fascination with Japan began in her early youth and in 1995 she visited Japan for the first of many subsequent trips spent travelling and sketching her way through the country.
Ms Pantin’s sketches hone in on even the fine details of the landscapes that she puts to paper. She braved the elements to complete her sketches and persisted despite the wind, snow and rain. Sometimes she balanced an umbrella whilst still sketching, to complete her work. Apart from the elements Ms Pantin has also had other obstacles like visits from curious deer who have tried to eat her sketchbook. Yet, despite it all, Ms Pantin’s sketches are beyond exquisite. It is important to note that she sketches without planning and everything is done at random.

To commemorate Ms Pantin’s exhibition, an official opening ceremony was held in JCC on the 27th of December. Guests to the opening ceremony included many of Ms Pantin’s students, colleagues and friends. Director of JCC, Ms Misako Ito gave the welcome remarks and expressed her delight at having Ms Patin’s exhibition at JCC. Ms Pantin’s opening speech followed Director Ito’s and she mentioned that JCC was the perfect location for her to have her exhibition as it brought together two of the countries that she loved; Japan and Singapore.

Visitors to Ms Pantin’s exhibition included the esteemed Minister Khaw Boon Wan who is currently Singapore’s Minister for National Development. Minister Khaw Boon Wan was given a tour of the exhibition by Ms Pantin who explained her works. She also explained that the old buildings from some of her sketches are no longer around today and have been demolished to make way for newer developments.

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