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Birthday Reception

The Embassy of Japan in Singapore celebrated the 81st Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor Akihito's 81st Birthday on the 11th of December at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Ministry of Communications and Information His Excellency Lawrence Wong, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr Seah Kian Peng, Member of Parliament Ms Lee Bee Wah, Chief of Air Force Major-General Hoo Cher Mou and many other distinguished guests also attended the event.

Food and beverage producers from Japan kindly offered their specialties at the reception. There were rice, Iwate Wagyu Beef and Japanese Sake from Iwate prefecture, Japanese Sake from Niigata prefecture, Apple and Persimmon from Fukushima prefecture, Japanese Sake, Baked Sweet Potato, Dried Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Fruits from Ibaraki prefecture, Mikan (Mandarin) and green tea  (two types) from Shizuoka prefecture, Apple and Japanese Sake from Nagano prefecture, Shima-Aji (Striped Jack) from Kumamoto prefecture, Kinkan (Kumquat), Dekopon (Mandarin) and Steamed Sweet potato from Kagoshima prefecture, Red Sea Bream from Tokuhiro-Suisan in Ehime prefecture, Japanese Fruits Tomato produced in Singapore from Ginza Farm, Japanese Red & White Wine from Grace Winery of Chuo-Budoushu in Yamanashi prefecture and Japanese Beer from Kirin Beer.

We also received the kind support from Ikebana International Chapter 135 for their Ikebana arrangements and from the National University of Singapore Koto ensemble “KotoKottoN” for their melodious Koto performance at the reception.

In addition the cast of the Japanese Movie “Antonym (Rasen Ginga)” Director Natsuka KUSANO, Actors Yuri ISHIZAKA and Asami SHIBUYA were invited to the event. “Antonym (Rasen Ginga)” was nominated in Silver Screen Awards in 25th Singapore International Film Festival  (SGIFF) 2014 which was held from 4th December to 14th December 2014 The trailer of this film was shared during the reception.

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