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Architecture Lecture

On December 19th,Five professors and a group of accompanying graduate students from the Tokyo University of Science, led by Mr Yoshihiko Sano and Dr Motomu Uno, presented a lecture at JCC to discuss the diverse characteristics and future outlook of Japanese architecture. Entitled “New Wave of Japanese Architecture: Design, Technology and Education”, the event had an overwhelming response with attended guests ranging from architecture professionals to university students.

Mr Sano, who is also the president and principal architect of the 90-year old Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., delivered eight examples behind the urban “charming” development in Japan. The examples demonstrated how the local authorities and developers in Japan have empowered cities to succeed especially after the Tohoku disaster. Mr Sano also explained the shift in people’s mindset towards the arts and architecture, such as through religious festivals in neighborhoods and the increased popularity of city marathons.

Following Mr Sano’s presentation, Dr Motomu Uno spoke about the evolution of Japanese architecture and urbanism of the past millennium. He explained how the advancement of materials, engineering and technologies, have enabled different forms of architecture to flourish. Dr Uno also added that the keyword of architectural education is “experimental”, whereby students are allowed to freely expand their imagination, creativity and therefore unexpected ideas will be inspired.

A discussion panel was held thereafter, with the other three professors, Dr Momoyo Gota, Dr Ryohei Kumagai and Dr Akiyoshi Inasaka. Guests were eager to respond and several questions were raised to the panel. Some of the highlights of the discussion included the future challenges of architectural design in Tokyo and how the elements and structure of the human body are incorporated into architecture and construction. The professors also shared some of their thoughts on Singaporean architectures, where Fullerton Hotel, Marina Bay Sands Sky Park and the conservation project of the shop houses were mentioned. The lecture ended with a light dinner reception where the professors and the guests continued their conversation on architecture

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