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1.1 "Artistic Impressions"
By Mr Shunji Matsuo

From the 31st of October to the 13th of November, JCC welcomed “Artistic Impressions by Shunji Matsuo” Exhibition. This exhibition provided an incredibly creative world where anyone could be mesmerized in.

The name ‘Shunji Matsuo’ is synonymous with the hair industry and well known in Singapore. The man himself, Mr Shunji Matsuo, has creative and artistic abilities that know no boundaries. Although he is considered a hair stylist by profession, hid skills extend themselves to painting, sketching and creating various works of art. In fact, most people who visited the exhibition were unaware that Mr Matsuo is actually an avid painter.

Mr Shunji Matsuo’s exhibition featured the display of various head pieces and paintings that he had done over the years. Mr Matsuo has always had close ties with ITE as he teaches and gives special lectures to the students with regards to haircuts and styles. ‘Artistic Impressions by Shunji Matsuo’ Exhibition also featured work done in collaboration with students from ITE.

To officially open the exhibition, an opening ceremony was held on the 31st of October and featured many prominent individuals from the arts scene. Director of JCC, Ms Misako Ito gave her welcome remarks expressing JCC’s delight at being able to host Mr Matsuo and his exhibition.

The guest of honour to the event was the founder, co-owner and Director of Art Stage, Mr Lorenzo Rudolf who in his speech praised Mr Matsuo’s creative and artistic abilities and his contribution to the arts scene.

Deputy Principal of ITE, College East, Mr Lim Chwee Seng was also in attendance and made his remarks thanking Mr Shunji Matsuo for his tireless contributions and involvement with ITE, College East. The man of the event, Mr Shunji Matsuo himself gave a speech, thanking JCC and his staff for helping to realize this exhibition. Mr Matsuo stated that he had always enjoyed painting and for this exhibition he wanted to showcase some of the works that he had created.

The opening ceremony also featured a mini fashion show with models wearing head pieces created from items found in Mr Matsuo’s salon. The four models showcased Mr Matsuo’s creative hair styles in collaboration with his sustainable head pieces made from items like straws, plastic forks, used hair tubes and plastic bottles.
The exhibition gathered a lot of interest and many were in awe at the unique designs of the head pieces that Mr Matsuo had created

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