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Traditional Crafts & Sake of Ishikawa
-The Origin of Harmony-

Guests at the Ishikawa event

From 13th July to 22nd July 2015 a ‘Traditional Crafts & Sake of Ishikawa ~The Origin of Harmony~’ was held at the JCC, with the support of the Ishikawa Prefectural Government in Singapore in cooperation with Tohachiya. The exhibition featured local Sakes and handcrafted traditional Wajima lacquerware by Tohachiya.

Individual prefectures in Japan have their own unique attributes towards culture and traditions. Wanting to showcase much of what Japan has to offer, JCC began working closely with prefectural governments starting from Yamagata prefecture, where we exhibited the majestic and prestigious Yamagata Dantsu Carpets at JCC from 10th February to 10th March. This time with Ishikawa prefecture, it will be our second collaboration with the prefectural governments of Japan.

To kick-start the exhibition, JCC and Ishikawa Prefecture organized a closed-door, opening ceremony. Invited guests were presented with an in-depth presentation of the traditional crafts and food culture of Ishikawa, followed by a demonstration by two Sake Sommeliers. The guests had the opportunity to enjoy samplings of the sake, air-flown from the Ishikawa Prefecture.

During the ceremony the guests were invited to view the process of Wajima Nuri, which was a rare sight by Tohachiya. The master artist diligently painted over his wooden handcrafts; as the paint mattifies the handcrafts would seem to transform to glass.

The ceremony saw several prominent individuals, such as local restaurateurs, potters, sommeliers as well as hotel, tourism and people from Temasek Polytechnic. 

The Ishikawa exhibition gave appreciation to local traditional talents within the prefecture to further introduce their skills. JCC saw around 200 guests during the event: especially those keen in Japanese crafts and sake enthusiasts. The approximately week long exhibition received positive response from the public, and many are looking forward to seeing what JCC and other Japanese prefectures have in store next!

Mr Masahide Shioji demonstrating on Wajima lacquerware painting

Guests at the Ishikawa event

Wajimanuri Lacquerware displayed at the Ishikawa event

Guests at the Ishikawa event

Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi & Madam taking a glance at the Wajimanuri Lacquerware

Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi & Madam taking a glance at the Wajimanuri Lacquerware



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