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Under Japan's Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, it is stipulated that any foreigner wishing to enter Japan must possess a valid passport and a valid Japan visa. Accordingly, if a foreigner does not possess the necessary visa, in principle, he or she could be refused landing permission.

Visas granted by the Japanese Government are issued only by embassies or consulates under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. A visa cannot be acquired after arriving in Japan and a visa itself does not guarantee landing (status of residence) permission. The possession of a visa satisfies only one of the conditions for application for landing at an airport or seaport. In other words, foreigners in possession of a visa will not automatically qualify entry until they receive landing permission after going through immigration examination.

Normally, a visa can be issued . Urgent or express visa is not available.



  1. Do I require a visa to enter Japan?
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  3. What documents should I submit during visa application?
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  4. Where can I apply for a visa?
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  5. How long does visa processing take?
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  6. How much is visa processing fee?
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  7. How long is the validity period of a visa?
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  8. Where can I find additional visa information?
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